How Flowers Can Give Your Event a Boost

Tomas De Bruyne
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Floral decor holds paramount importance in setting the mood and creating the right energy at any event. Wedding planners and event designers spend many exciting hours creating enchanting floral designs with extreme attention to detail.
At EWPC, we asked our audience to drop their questions which, addressing our advisory board member, Tomas De Bruyne,  Founder & GM – “Tomas De Bruyne Floral Experiences Worldwide”. What followed was a series of insightful answers that would inspire anyone with a flair for floral design.

1) What would be your tips on creating sustainable floral design?

As event designers and wedding planners, we don’t want to alter the visual outcome that we have in mind. If sustainability is not inherently imbibed in the design from scratch, one has to think of creative ways to transform it into a sustainable process both in terms of design and implementation.

Here are three areas where you could adopt sustainable practices
– Research what’s in the market of products, props, techniques, mechanics, labours and even specialized companies
– Think about the mechanics in use
– The nature of the props and whether they can be recycled

Speak to suppliers about sustainability to see if they are on the same page as you. 

Create and communicate awareness about it with the people you are working with
to make tangible differences in the world.

2) What is your favorite colour palette to create for intimate weddings?

I prefer feminine colour palettes, soft pinks, peaches, different shades of cream and cafe ole as they make for enchanting wedding decors and would avoid going with the primary hues. It all comes down to creating the right intimate energy and colour is the strongest visual language on this planet to do this

3) What kind of flowers would you recommend for a minimalistic, chic decor? 

Flowers with a strong personality always shine through. One should go with the flowers with the right character, attitude, look and impact which matches the minimalistic look.
A flower’s personality is experienced on the basis of its colour, form and uniqueness. Pick those flowers that can be used as solitary diva. The more impact they give, the more they can move your inner being.

4) What are some unusual choices that look good with floral decor? 

It all comes down to your mastery over creating a visual impact. Impact is visualized by tension and tension is created by contrast.  Choosing opposite moods will give you stunning results. However, you need to respect the concept in order to maintain the harmony of the total outcome.  When doing an event, I always design from a concept and the floral part always blends beautifully into the décor. You can also dive into eclectic design to understand how unusual elements look good
in the final outcome.

5)  I am newly getting into floral design, is it a good career for someone who enjoys
creative arts?

As is true for any profession, be good in doing what you do. Create added value to the market and be different in what you do.
Three questions you need to ask yourself are; What is my passion, what is my perseverance and what is my drive. How eager am I to learn more about floral design?
If working with flowers gives you a feeling of feeding your soul, then you know
you are on the right track.
That, along with the three key questions are crucial to help you run a successful business. 

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