Virtual Reality Weddings: Weddings beyond Zoom

Virtual weddings
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The time has turned around – large venues and gatherings are now large screens and online meetings. The lavish ‘I dos’ have spun into a new norm – zoom weddings. Virtual reality has been there for long, but Virtual reality weddings are now modern trendsetters.

Pandemic brought in variations that none of us have jotted earlier in our Plan B, C, or in any other number of plans. Although it is all new and just sinking in, people are enjoying this contemporary style of wedding. Baraats, mandaps, sangeets, bridesmaids, you can have all these and more but through shared screen spaces. The zoom wedding ceremony concept has changed the moment from How will I do? – to – I do! Everything and anything that is required to solemnize your wedding can happen and leave you to feel complete (wedded!)

As we speak, there must be a virtual reality wedding planning happening with the bride and groom getting all prepped for their big day! All the guests are waiting for their slots to dial in at the right moment. Cousins, close buddies, must be planning a surprise dance number. Many plans and the real rituals are something that every to be a married couple is looking forward to. Big thanks to platforms like zoom, as they have given that space to add any number of invites to be on a video call. Zoom weddings would not need to require much preparation. Because, from the time social distancing is in, all our kitty parties, get-togethers, and every chat have turned to extended video calls. So, unlike those simple tête-à-têtes, this is all about grandeur, shimmer, rituals, giggles, a lot more in bigger groups, in their abodes, through a digital screen.

All this sounds exciting to the one entering the nuptial and to the participants, as they are part of something traditional but different. All the dates that were unceremoniously canceled because of the pandemic can now tune into ritualistic memories. If we can use the term, ‘new norm,’ then for the weddings ‘virtual reality zoom weddings’ is the new norm. Everyone in the wedding industry got a breath of fresh air as they are actively participating in the marriages again by maintaining the new regulations and organizing a wedding ceremony as well—pandits to the palanquin, bachelor parties to baraat everything is now simulated seamlessly. 

According to a poll, about 60% of Indian brides prefer a destination wedding. It is because it would be both romantic and a private affair with a closed group of attendees. The pandemic might have shrunken chances for a short period, but the tourism is reviving. The tourism spots, especially the destination wedding venues, are prepping up to give the places as per the norms of those locales. It is a new phase every industry is witnessing and also trying to make things better and safer for everyone.

Until then, to all those who have fixed their wedding dates, enjoy the new normal and virtually plan zoom weddings.

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