Apex Awards, as the name suggests, recognizes the pinnacle of exceptional work done in the wedding industry. At the 9th Edition EWPC, the APEX Awards will highlight outstanding talents, commendable initiatives and recognize the hard work of those in the luxury and destination wedding industry, who have shown their ultimate commitment towards innovation and creativity and continues to inspire the wedding fraternity through the remarkable work they’ve done.

We present before you 18 Categories cutting across various domains like Aesthetics, Fashion, Food, Technology, Visuals and Destination.

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General Guidelines
  1. The nominations have to be submitted in English only.
  2. Nominations close on the 18th of Feb 2022
  3. You are expected to fill out your own nomination form since it involves document submission and other details
  4. The participants can upload up to three supporting documents (Client testimonials, press-releases, reports) -Max. Attachment size can be 20 MB
  5. The nominations must strictly abide by the evaluation criteria and submission guidelines
  6. You can nominate yourself for more than one category. You are required to file separate nominations
  7. All nominations will be submitted to the jury panel and handled with the utmost confidentiality
  8. The jury has the provision to call the entrant for an interview if the need is felt.
  9. Failure to provide an interview or significant discrepancies between the entry and information provided after judging could result in forfeiture of the award.
  10. The winners will be announced and the award will be handed over at the 9th edition of EWPC on the 2nd of March, 2022

The APEX awards recognizes the remarkable work by the wedding planners that brought the clients' vision to life with its creativity, innovation and the final magic touch.
Jury will scrutinize the nominations based on the symbolism, cultural significance, aesthetic value, inclusion visual appeal, usefulness of design, theme, fun factor as well as the overall planning and execution.

Following are the categories

Can you by the virtue of your creativity, dexterity and finesse set the stage to a wedding in a way that can make angels sing and stars shine. brighter?
If you have created spectacular wedding set-ups and played a major role in creating an unforgettable day for the Bride and Groom, then this is definitely for you.

Flowers have a way of turning around the dullest of days into one that is vibrant, colorful and spectacular. Thisaward recognizes the exceptional floral work that continues to spread its fragrance in the minds and hearts of friends and family much beyond the wedding. If you, with all your bloom, can put the brightest of smiles on the bride and the groom, then go right ahead and nominate yourself.

Technology has trickled down into every aspect of wedding planning, now more than ever before. This award recognizes those wedding planners who creatively used tech to ensure nothing would stop the client's dream wedding.

This award is for the one who has used the Digital medium to stay ahead of the competition through right digital practices.

This award recognizes the planning and efforts behind the guest engagement. Entertainment, hospitality and refreshment value will be considered.

This award recognizes the most well-planned and executed theme that highlights the lives and culture of both the bride and the groom

This award recognizes the efforts and execution of environment friendly measures and use of eco-friendly material in the execution of a wedding.

This award recognizes the wedding of the year based on the overall execution, the splendour, the elegance, the aesthetics and the fun that was had.

The APEX Supplier Awards recognizes the best venues that can accommodate the needs and requirements of the clients. Jury will evaluate based on the number of weddings, capacity, accessibility, architecture, glamour and hospitality.

This award recognizes the most luxurious wedding property across the globe that can accommodate the whims and fancies of the bride and the groom.

This award recognizes the best beach property from across the globe.

This award recognizes the most intimate wedding property that has the capacity to accommodate 150 Pax.

This award recognizes the best large-scale wedding property that can accommodate a minimum of 500 pax.

This award recognized the best indoor Wedding property with a significant ambience. Evaluation will be on the warmth, ambiance, scenic value and the overall experience.

This award recognizes and celebrates the most scenic venue that sets the perfect stage for the couple's dream day. Evaluation based on the elegance, scenic value and seamless management

This award recognizes the most unique and offbeat wedding destinations across the globe.

This award recognizes the best food and beverages caterer who can meet the needs of different scales and sizes of weddings. Evaluation based on customizability, the quality, the richness and value, client satisfaction

This award recognizes and celebrates the company that can capture the dream day through masterful use of camera. Evaluation based on creativity, unique concept, execution and cinematography.

This award recognizes the most unique and the best gifting solution that can cater to the needs and desires of the guests

This award recognizes the best Destination Management Company providing services that adds significant value to the wedding planner through coordinated efforts. Evaluation will be based on the convenience, range of services & execution.