7 Tips You Need To Know If You’re Hosting A Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding
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Summer is one of the most popular times of year to get married. Everything is brighter, warmer, and happier. Summer weddings are notorious for including bright colors, airy fabrics and fresh, farm-to-table inspired food. However, summer days also bring high levels of heat and discomfort, especially if you’re going to be all dressed up. Many weddings, as beautiful as they are, forget to take this into account and end with hot, sweaty guests who would much rather go home than watch the happy couple get married.

The following 7 tips can help you plan the perfect summer wedding

1. Avoid the Hottest Part of the Day

You want to avoid having people outside during the hottest parts of the day. If you’re hosting your ceremony outside, we highly recommend waiting until the mid to late evening to avoid making everyone sweat in the wedding attire.

2. Keep the Dress Code Lighter

Although you shouldn’t settle on how the bridesmaids and groomsmen should dress, you should keep their comfort in mind as well. As one of the most important summer wedding tips,light and airy clothing is recommended for the couple and guests as well.

3. Start planning early

If you want to have a summer wedding, be prepared to start planning at least 10-12 months before your preferred date. It’s important to start planning as early as possible to get the best selection of wedding venues, dates and vendors as it is amidst the peak vacation season.

4. Pick the Right Flowers and Decor

One of the most vital summer wedding tips is knowing how to decorate. A white wedding design full of bursts of color such as blue, coral, and yellow makes for a refreshing and elegant touch. Additionally, some flowers don’t handle the heat well so make sure you’re choosing hardy flowers such as succulents and tropical flowers.

5. Have a Backup Venue Plan

An old wedding superstition claims that rain on your wedding day is good luck. Assuming you truly do experience sprinkles on the eagerly awaited day, you’ll need to have a backup plan. When hiring vendors, ask about different options they have in case you need to move the party under cover for weather-related concerns.

6. Wear a Summer-Friendly Hairstyle

Another important tip for the bride and grooms with long hair is to wear a hairstyle that promotes staying cool. It is recommended that brides wear their hair up to keep it off their neck and shoulders as it also helps prevents things like high humidity and wind from disrupting your style.

7. Plan a Seasonal Menu

Make sure you keep the food light, fresh, and crisp. You want your guests to be energized by the food. Adding things like grilled vegetables, fresh fruits, and salads to your menu is ideal and avoid big steaks, roasts, and other red meat.

While the comfort of your guests is important, remember, this day is all about the happy couple. Design your wedding with these summer wedding tips in mind but keep it styled to your personality and design preferences. Create a wedding you’ll remember fondly forever.

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