Excerpts from the rendezvous with Salah Bushehri

Salah Bushehri
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Salah Bushehri is the founder of “Chandal Group”, a wedding planner and event management company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain with a branch office in Sultanate of Oman. Salah has been a designer of choice for some of the biggest and most important names in the Gulf Region. Known for his authentic work, Salah’s every concept and finish bears the art that he has brought out from his heart. Having an expertise in the industry with accolades for handling high end, quality signature weddings.

1) The challenges you saw in 2017 in the wedding industry and how do you see things changing in 2018 & 2019?

Nowadays the biggest challenge in wedding planning business is a flood of inexperienced, untrained individuals who provide less than stellar services and accordingly charge too little for their work and efforts. It gets really difficult for the talented and experienced wedding planning professionals to charge in accordance with their standards of services as clients start comparing the prices with those of the inefficient newbies in the market.

2) Accordingly, to you, what is the key to growing in the wedding planning business?

To excel in this field, one must be creative and passionate about the business and everything that is even remotely associated with weddings.
A wedding planning business requires one to pay keen attention to the details, have good organizational skills, patience, and a level to deal with delicate issues and emotional problems that arise before, or on the wedding day.
Survival in the industry is based on the contacts one builds up as these are the people who will provide jobs and keep you in business.

3) How or on what basis do you choose to work with vendors?

Vendor availability is the biggest hurdle in the wedding planning business, therefore, it is always good to have a decent number of vendors in your contacts when you are staging events on a full-time basis. It is important to get to know the vendors before choosing to work with them and it is equally important that they get to know you as well before commencing working with you. Explain to them what you plan for the event, the scale of events you are comfortable in staging and the amount of business you would be able to provide them.
By explaining your plan to vendors, you will also learn about their inventory, staff capability, pricing, set up and break down times and requirements. Mainly though, you will be going through this exercise simply to increase the chances of the vendor being available as per your event’s needs.

4) What key points do you think the attendees of EWPC in Dubai will take back after the event?

I think the attendees of EWPC in Dubai will take the knowledge and experience of participants from different countries and will have a better knowledge of current global market trends and competition. They will also be able to introduce themselves to the business heads and owners from different countries and encourage each other for collaborations and suggestions for organizing their customers’ weddings at different destinations around the world.
This event will give chance to attendees to expand their business and build healthy professional relationship across their country’s borders.

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