Finding The Festive Spirit in Micro-weddings

Micro Weddings
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In a world of lavish and elaborate weddings, a sizeable number of couples are now opting for an intimate experience in the form of micro weddings.

Micro weddings typically have only upto 50 guests, usually family and the couples’ immediate friend circle.These weddings are easier to personalize and with the number of guests reduced wedding planners can rework the budget paying more attention to detail, creating very intimate and special weddings. 

Micro weddings or even the ones that are larger than life are marked by great food and drinks, fun and frolic and entertainment. We found the holiday season to be the perfect embodiment of all of the above so we put together a list of ideas inspired by this joyous season.

1. Bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet may seem like a very minute detail but is one of great importance. Wedding planners spend a lot of time putting together an exquisite bouquet tailor made to the brides liking. Using pine cones in the bridal bouquet can help set it apart from the rest and add to the holiday season vibe to your wedding. 

2.Hot chocolate bar

A warm and cozy corner at your winter wedding will be heartily welcomed by your guests and a hot chocolate bar is just that. Your bar can serve warm satisfying hot chocolate that can be topped off with marshmallows, Hershey’s kisses, peppermints, chocolate sprinkles, sea salt, whipped cream, cinnamon or caramel drizzle. This warm satisfying delight can be served in beautiful mugs of your choice. You can choose to go for personalised mugs, classic white or metallic mugs.

3.Christmas cocktails

Cocktails are always triumphant amongst the list of favourite things in any celebration. Elevate your regular cocktails by giving them a holiday twist. Spiced pumpkin baileys, Christmas punch, mulled vine, cranberry margaritas are just a few to add to your list to kick help kick in the celebration and add extra cheer to your wedding day. 

4.Party favours that send out warm vibes

Party favours are the perfect way to show gratitude to your guests and also makes for a tangible memory of your wedding. Personalised pine cone fire starters, engraved baubles, handmade Christmas ornaments make for handy party favors in the holiday season. The party favour can be completed by adding sweet or savoury edibles like gingerbread man and candy canes.
Sparkles also make for great party favors and is great way to have a mesmerizing evening send off. And needless to say, sanitizers and quirky masks is a must have. 

5.Getting Creative with the Cake

Whether you choose to go for a simple cake or a lavish multi tier, the ideal cake is one that can double up as a great centerpiece and adds to your wedding decor. The look of your elegant and classy white wedding cakes can be enhanced with some green and red Christmas inspired decor. Throwing in a few pine cones, foliage, edible flowers and cranberry will only add to the grandeur of your cake.

Micro weddings may be small but do not compromise on tradition and are meticulously planned to give the couple and their near and dear ones an unforgettable experience. We hope these ideas help you create special memories for your couples.

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