How to plan a destination wedding on a budget

Destination Wedding on Budget
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Destination weddings are the new big thing to happen to the global wedding industry, with everyone choosing to combine a vacation and a wedding for themselves and the guests, it becomes more memorable than a normal wedding in your hometown, and it doesn’t always have to break the bank! Here are some awesome tips to have a destination wedding on a budget and make your day extra special.

1. Set A Budget

While a budget destination wedding is very much possible, the very essence of it means that you might not be able to have everything or plan everything down to the very last detail. Figure out what is really most important to you, how much extra it will cost to pick things that are “outside the box” and be involved in the process along with the wedding planners.

2. Choose your location wisely

Make sure the place is accessible easily by rail or by road, so you do not have to make lavish arrangements from one city to another for you and your guests. The place should be gorgeous in all its natural beauty, so you don’t have to shell out a lot in making it pretty.

3. Choose an off-season wedding date

This doesn’t mean plan the wedding in the middle of the monsoon, but generally make the bookings in either a season which is not a hot-shot wedding season or an off season when it comes to the location you’re choosing so that you do not spend excessively and get good offers.

4. Keep the guest list crisp and short

A budget destination wedding means one that is intimate- with just the people you really really would want at your wedding. Keep the guest list thought through and you’ll find it is very easy and economical to plan and execute your destination wedding.

5. Do not have too many events

A budget destination wedding is very doable if there aren’t too many events and the stay isn’t very long. It also helps to limit your nights at the resort. An evening wedding can mean people leave by morning and the remaining the day after. Ask your wedding planner for detailed suggestions and then decide.

6. Save on food and beverages

Choose local food and drinks rather than importing it from somewhere else.Go easy on the menu. No one can taste 50 dishes in one go so be wise with your food choices.Choose grand lunch or brunch events rather than dinner ones as they turn out to be cheaper.Offer cocktails and mocktails instead of a full on bar.

7. Pick the venue, and then your outfit

It would be sad to pick a gorgeous or expensive wedding dress/gown which is too heavy and doesn’t travel well, or one which seems totally inappropriate for your casual, laid-back wedding. Keep your destination and atmosphere in mind before you pick your wedding outfit. Be practical in your approach, it could save you a lot of money.

8. Factor in the ‘extras’ costs

If there’s anything you’d like to ship to the venue ahead of time, keep those costs in mind when you’re considering your budget. Fly in only the most important wedding vendors and try to source the other ones locally.

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