In Conversation with Mushtaq Ali, CEO – Celebrations

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“Celebrations” create the most unforgettable memories that are deemed priceless as they are in the business of transforming dreams into reality. It was founded in Kolkata in 1998, by Mushtaq Ali & Ipsita Biswas Ali with an aim to create a ripple in the world of weddings. Over the years the group has expanded and is now headquartered in Pune. ‘Celebrations’ has a Pan India reach with an in-house ideating, design, production, logistics, rental and travel assistance teams set up to execute weddings and events in India and abroad. It is a ‘Womb to Tomb’ company that takes care and ensures that your dreams come true.
Mushtaq Ali was an eminent speaker at the 6th edition of Exotic Wedding Planning Conference hosted at Goa, India.
A rendezvous with Mushtaq Ali

1. Please give us a brief on your journey as a wedding planner.

“As a wedding planner, our focus lies in recreating every detail of the client’s vision with our expertise and experience. Our journey started in 1998 with local weddings and slowly catapulted into a ‘Pan India’ reach with the help of the word of mouth. We believe in becoming a part of the special celebrations and make sure that the nuptials deserve a place in the stars! Our main aim is to put wings to our client’s dreams by carefully organizing each stage of the wedding planning process. The company specializes in curating every detail of the wedding – right from the consultation, design, gifting, styling, and hospitality. In short, our journey has been a quite a fulfilling till date, and continues to be so!

2. What are the major ups and downs(challenges) you have faced being in the business?

“It is extremely crucial to understand a client’s point of view. The best way to tackle the problem is to plan beforehand and spend ample time in market research. This will help you become more aware and avoid any faux pas situations at the last moment. The major moment is when we see the smile on the faces of our clients. We become a part of their family and the joy that we see in their eyes is an affirmation of the job well done.”

3. What are your beliefs and projections for the future trends in Indian Wedding Market?

“I think that the Indian wedding market has become very experimental. This means that more and more couples and families are ready to experiment with diverse styles. Sure, Bollywood and Instagram worthy trends will always be at the forefront, but it is about the hidden details, minimalism, and personality that wins over transient trends. In the end, a wedding is about joy and togetherness, which should be reflected in every aspect of the celebration.”

4. What are the major challenges faced while planning local / destination weddings?

“As explained earlier, one should be aware of the rules and regulations of a country, especially while planning a destination wedding. Research and coordination is the second most important factor for both local and destination weddings. Surprisingly, organizing an intimate/local wedding might look simpler but putting it in perspective can sometimes be painstaking, thanks to the thorough attention to detail that it commands.”

5. What criteria have you set for hiring or sourcing vendors for local and destination weddings?

This totally depends on the client’s requirement. If you think that the client is willing to experiment, then one may take a chance. Otherwise, it is better to go with tried and tested partners as an event well done has far better results than one, which is done with experimentation. Clients believe you with two things: with their time and trust. Therefore, instead of quirky experimentation, one should go with a trusted logistics partner.

6. What tips would you want to give budding wedding planners to sustain the wedding market?

With the growing social media scene, it can be sometimes difficult to hold your own and find your niche, but stay on. Always remember that customer will always be the king. Believe in yourself and work towards creating an unforgettable experience for your clientele. If you follow your heart, everything else will automatically fall into place.

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