In Pursuit of Perspectives: Conversation with Paulina

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It took some time, but I learned that my peace and happiness were counting on me to get wise and accept the things that I can’t change.

With the serenity prayer in mind, Paulina Corvi, a luxury wedding and event planner, shares with EWPC the lessons, learnings and, limitations of 2020; the longest short year.

When asked about how she adapted to the new ways of wedding planning, she said, “I’ve been “pivoting” onto other ways to engage with potential clients.

I started recording short IGTV videos, sharing tips and insights into wedding planning. I’ve also started blogging on lifestyle to better engage with potential future clients. My blog also includes wedding-related must- knows such as the best wedding venues around the world, the best wedding shoes available right now, etc.

Paulina Corve wedding at Villa Cimbrone Wedding Destination Italy
Destination Wedding in Italy, Events by Paulina

If there is one thing that 2020 has taught us, it is that we fall, fail and flail but at the end of it, we pull through and manage to sail. Speaking about our untapped potential to grow, she says, “Sometimes, when we’re comfortable, change and growth can be difficult, because the status quo feels so nice. This year has taught me that I am more flexible than I thought, that I’m a survivor, and that despite everything, I will always figure it out. I know we all will. ” 

Amid all the can-you-hear-mes, meeting-keys and what nots, hearing our own voice and understanding our body’s needs was not easy.  For good or bad, the past year gave us ample time to build a relationship with ourselves and find the right balance to stay afloat.

For the wedding planning community, with the lack of physical weddings
and the magic that follows, the importance of mental health has never been this evident.  

On that note, she shared a few tips that helped her both protect and strengthen her energy.

Keeping the phone outside of the bedroom  

I got an alarm clock and started leaving my phone on the kitchen counter to charge overnight. This means that I am more efficient at getting out of bed in the morning and getting a moment of “mental silence” before bed, without being bombarded with any information.

I don’t watch the news on TV

To stay informed, I now read my news online. I’ve found it be to a lot less repetitive, and a lot more objective I don’t get any less information by consuming my news digitally, but I am living with less paralyzing fear.

I started listening to Brene Brown’s “Unlocking Us” Podcast

If you haven’t discovered Brene Brown yet, she has spent decades studying the topics of courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. podcast is focused on conversations that unlock the deeply human part of who we are, so that we can live, love, parent, and lead with more courage and heart. In my darkest moments this year, Brene saved me with her insights, humanity, and humor.

I spent time with people that are focused on self-care and self-love

I am intentional about having real conversations where we share our struggles without shame, celebrate our wins without jealousy, and encourage each other to be brave again tomorrow. 

In what could go on to be one of the most important years of our lives, 2020, unintentionally has given us many a great perspectives and reasons to be grateful.

Leaving the wedding planning community with a positive message, she says, “COVID will pass. People will travel again. People will gather again. There will always be love and celebration needed in the world, especially after the year we had. So be patient. Hang in there, even when it’s really hard. You are stronger than you know.”

About Paulina

Paulina Corvi is the Founder and CEO of Events by Paulina, a luxury wedding planning & design company specializing in Italy and destination weddings. After planning her own wedding in Florence Italy, Paulina founded Events by Paulina to take the destination wedding experience to the next level. After spending 7 years working on strategy and business development for a blue-chip financial institution, she truly understands what it means to deliver high-touch service, enchanting designs, and seamless execution for wedding couples.

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