Lessons from the Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights
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5 Inspirational Ideas from the festival of lights

Illuminating lights, everybody in their best looks, echoes of mirthful laughter and a lot of mithai. Not sure if we are talking about Diwali or a Wedding?

Well, stay right with us.

This festival of lights, love and, laughter has a hundred varying flavors and distinct traditions. Diwali means different things to different people and this delightful diversity ranging from decor to traditions is an unending source of inspiration to the wedding community.

Even the best of wedding planners are sometimes running on a tight schedule and budget. So here is a list of ideas inspired by this glorious Indian festival that you can pick and perfect.

These simple yet elegant ideas can be easily executed both at wedding functions and at exquisite destination weddings, so let’s hop right on.

1) Let there be light! : Light up your evening wedding with a range of vibrant diyas, candles and lanterns. An evergreen idea that will never fail to mesmerize your guests and your favorite couple alike. Tea light lamps, sky light lanterns, clay lamps, electric lanterns. You name it.

 In this case, the more the merrier!


2) Bring on the brass : The heavy antique brass centerpieces and hangings that you shine to use right before Diwali will add grandeur to the look at the entry or even at the mandap. Using these will surely give your wedding that desi Royal touch that you are looking for.


3) Dramatic drapes: Bright coloured hues of sheer fabric used as drapes to decorate staircases and various other corners of your venue can give just the pop of colour that your decor needs. These drapes can work wonders and will give your wedding venue a look no less than that of a Bollywood wedding. As wedding planners, you would agree that they’re simple, easy to find and foolproof!


Image credits:  Mona Bagla 

4) Rangoli inspired wedding cards: Diwali inspires so many of us to bring out our creative selves by drawing the most intricate and delectable rangoli patterns. Stand out from your conventional wedding card by reusing these rangoli patterns to create simple, elegant and personalized wedding invitations. Further, you can put your wedding planner hat on and incorporate these intricacies across your decor. Imagine the delight on the guests’ faces when they walk in to see a surprising floral rangoli of the couple’s faces!


Image Credits: Wedmegood 

5) Flower decorations : The wedding experience is incomplete without envisioning the perfect flower arrangement which encapsulates the emotion and aura of the venue as blend seamlessly into almost every aspect of wedding decor. You can stick to the minimal yellow-orange combination marigold garlands or add a dash of colour and get creative by using flower rangolis to liven up your wedding venue. In addition flower floats make for great centerpieces and are super easy to put together.


Image credits:  Romesh Dhamija 

6) Photo booths : Photo booths serve the purpose of being both the perfect
entertainment and memorable tokens for your guests to carry home from your wedding. Be that wedding planner who comes up with the ideas that are often overlooked. You could reuse your diwali lights and eco-friendly crackers to create the most aesthetically pleasing photo ops.


Image credits: Candid Affair 

With these ideas we hope the festival of lights has helped in guiding you towards the new chapter of your life with a dose of traditional flavour to your wedding decor.

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