Role of Technical Leader in Wedding Planning Company

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What constitutes a Technical team?

It constitutes a multidisciplinary team that includes experts in all of the companies core Values and its roles & the responsibilities of the Technical Team would ideally include in assuring that technical and local context is defined and integrated into a project that is being carried out.

Key attributes of a Leader?

The three tasks that are common to any leader would be envisioning, aligning followers to their vision, and ensuring execution of tasks within the team and the company and doing so with the following most desirable attributes of – honesty and integrity, ability to inspire others, commitment and passion, being a good communicator, decision-making capabilities, accountability, delegation and Empowerment, creativity and Innovation.

Now the various tasks that a technical leader would ideally undertake within a creative events and wedding planning company would ideally be as following

  1. Manage and implement the day to day functions of business operations
  2. Develop and build processes for every team within the company.
  3. Establishing and enforcing policies that promote company culture & lead the companies mission and overall vision as a Account Manager / Director.
  4. Overseeing the development of each project that runs through the company.
  5. Builds processes, project deliverables, sets realistic deadlines and works closely with each executive, director and senior team members to ensure company growth, deliverables are being met, and team members are reaching their full potential.

Technical Leadership, Project Management, Process Development, Account Management, Software Development, Cloud Infrastructure, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Warehousing, and Data Pipelines to name a few.

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