Sustainable Ideas For An Eco-Friendly Wedding

Festival Season
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It is that time of the year again except this year the spirit of the festive season means a lot of different things to people. As we help each other through these grim times, this season is a great reminder for Wedding Planners to give back through the weddings that they design!

With more and more couples opting for sustainable and eco-friendly weddings, these sustainable wedding ideas will be handy for any wedding planner looking to create elegant and eco-friendly designs.

1) Let local take the spotlight

Sure, exotic flowers will get all the heads turning but it is the local flora that wins hearts over. Your friendly neighborhood florists would be more than happy to provide you with stunning local varieties that your couples could instantly connect with!
Local flowers also mean that you are reducing cost and energy on transportation, storage and overhead. This festive season, wedding planners can choose to be an embodiment of Santa, ( if we may) and pick local over exotic.

2) Biodegradable all the way

As a wedding planner, the 3 Essential Rs that you uphold will be a rewarding experience in the long run of a sustainable future.
Right from wedding invitations and stationary to glasses and confetti, wedding planners can consciously pick biodegradable elements that generate the least amount of waste, if not zero.

3) Plant ideas and more

Wedding day is one of the most important days of a couple’s lives and it is often a reflection of their values and principles.
As a wedding planner, you can do wonders by helping them bring these ideas alive. Imagine, the satisfaction that the couples would experience when they see a garden full of plants that were their wedding favor.

Seed bombs are yet another way to blend sustainability into the wedding theme.

It is a fun and an interesting way to celebrate new bonds plus you would practically be seeding new plants. We think that is poetically beauitful!

4) Paper decor: Quick, inexpensive, timeless

Paper decor is a timeless theme to go by but also a timely trend that needs more attention. As a wedding planner, one wants to create unique, unforgettable and stunning experiences that also are sustainable and generate zero waste. Paper decor is a gift that keeps on giving in this regard. With recycled and eco-friendly paper, not only do you have a bright range of colours but also the satisfaction of minimal wastage. 

5) Be conscious about food and beverages

Turn towards catering services that support local farmers and the ones that prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly methods. Not only will this reduce carbon footprint but also provide the much-needed stimulus to local vendors in these difficult times.
Further, wedding planners can integrate elements of sustainability in the smallest of details, ranging from the food plate, to the dining table roll. 

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