Tuscany | The ideal destination for creating luxury weddings.

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If you are a wedding planner and not from the Tuscan area, you will want to gather some local knowledge of Tuscany that will assist you to navigate not just regulations & customs, but also to provide some insider access to amazing local suppliers and ideas. A wedding planner can be invaluable in assisting the couples to find a perfect venue that they might not have known existed, and sourcing fantastic suppliers for the special day, and for that to happen, wedding planners themselves need to be adept with global luxury wedding destinations, Tuscany being one of them.
The Tuscany region of Italy is well-known for its incredible food, wine, scenic landscape, and romantic ambiance, so there is no doubt why it tops the lists as among the most desirable places on earth to get married. If you’re considering a destination wedding, here are six ways to ace a luxury wedding in Tuscany.
At a place such as Tuscany, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to F&B, but in the event that you really want to wow your guests, skip conventional wedding catering packages, elect for some canapés for a perfect party by a major meal from a gourmet Chef such as Alessio Sedran instead. Sedran runs a highly-respected restaurant in Florence, but may also work to create a highly personalized menu of exquisite hand-created dishes with the finest local ingredients. He can even make your wedding cake by hand in front of guests, like a classic Italian Mille-fueille show for a unique touch. Add locally-produced organic wine from the region’s finest, and guests will talk about the dinner for years to come.
Employ a great photographer and you won’t regret it. Tuscany is a feast for the eyes and you will be overwhelmed with the gorgeous detail everywhere you look. You are going to need a photographer that knows how to shoot this beauty of a place, comprehends the lighting and depth of scenery, and has a great eye to capture all of your personal moments, and uniqueness of this location you picked. Ralf Czogallik is an expert in destination wedding photography, along with his firm Eppel Fotografie, fly all over the world creating stunning pictures. Although based in the Netherlands, he travels often to shoot Tuscan weddings, and one look at his photographs will explain to you why. Ensure to interview your photographer carefully so that you are on the exact same page to create the memories that you want for a lifetime captured in photographs.
The venue will feature prominently in numerous aspects of your destination wedding, not just as the backdrop in all your photographs, but also the motif or style of the venue and the numerous spaces it offers will influence all other choices you make. Tuscany is filled with grand, historical venues such as Borgo Stomennano in Monteriggioni. This magnificent Borgo (“small Italian village”) includes a main elegant villa and rustic luxury surrounding farmhouses, so guests can stay together and revel in the acres of olive groves and vineyards, with oil and wine produced right on the premises. In the long cypress-tree-lined driveway, to the fairy-tale backyard complete with tower, to the frescoed ballroom, you’ll be spoilt for choice for your reception and ceremony. Another stunning luxury alternative is Borgo Santo Pietro, with a Michelin-starred restaurant that exclusively uses produce grown throughout its 200-acre estate.
The nearby art city of Florence is also famous for its musicians, and there is nothing like exquisite classical music, professionally played to accompany your ceremony and reception. Florence Art Ensemble can organize everything from harpists to violinists, opera singers to a complete orchestra to add a touch of musical elegance to your day, and when it’s time to party, a locally-based international DJ such as Ed Gillum of First Dance can craft a playlist that is perfect for your guests.
With a gorgeous venue, idyllic scenery and gourmet food, obviously the Bride and Bridesmaids must look their absolute best. Finding world-class hair and makeup services in the countryside could be challenging, however, a wedding day is not a time to be taking chances. Fortunately, Anna Ushakova of Annartstyle in Rome has years of experience of weddings, fashion, film, and catwalks, and will travel to the region to create flawless looks for the Bride and Bridal party.
The beauty of Tuscany is that it is also sandwiched in between the magnificent cities of Florence and Rome, and is at the heart of Europe which makes it easy for onward travel with excellent proximity. Perhaps you choose to have a sophisticated bachelor party for the guys at the masculine and elegant D.O.M Hotel at Rome, while the ladies hit the spa at Hotel Eden followed by dinner with a dramatic view in Il Giardino, or a post-wedding excursion touring the Colosseum or Vatican. Whatever you choose, there will be of no lack of sophistication, culture, and gastronomy throughout your Tuscan destination wedding.

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