Wedding Trends to Watch Out in 2021

Wedding Trends
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2021 brings with it a breath of fresh air and a promise to be fair as Wedding Planners across the world anticipate to double down on new opportunities in the wedding planning landscape.

Owing to the concerns around health and safety, the exciting new trends in wedding planning prioritize safety, sustainability and experience above all else.

Here are a few major trends that are expected to take the spotlight in 2021.

1. Sustainability is the future

Weddings are often massive affairs that generate a scary amount of carbon emissions. As couples across the globe choose to be conscious about this, there has been a rise in sustainable weddings. Weddings of 2020, by design were smaller and intimate affairs but it was only this year that wedding planners sourced all supplies locally.

With an aim to support small businesses and incorporate sustainailbity, more wedding planners plan on sourcing local supplies.

This will also manifest as fun activities like planting saplings, bursting seed bombs, and donating the leftover food at weddings. 

Elegant wedding in the woods

2. Bolder the better

After a long drab year that lacked new experiences and escapades, it is only natural that the quest for the bright and the bold intensifies. Wedding planners say that the new year is going to bring in new shades, hues and colours in weddings. The days of powdery blushes and pretty pastels are long gone as a sense of adventure and comfort take over elegance and grace. As weddings will mostly be intimate and small-scale in the coming year, the focus will be entirely on quality and not quantity.

Couples will pay attention to finer details and place importance on creating whimsical, fun and laid back experiences for their guests that will last a lifetime!

2021 weddings will see statement making colour palettes, unusual pops, and dramatic displays. 

Bold and bright wedding decor

3. Think inside the box

As health concerns increase and safety becomes the utmost priority, individualized meal boxes, go-to drinks and food trucks will lead the way. Fewer couples are opting for buffets and picking intimate, locally-sourced and personalized meals avoiding shared utensils. In general, weddings in 2021 will be casual and laid-back affairs with casual meals and personalized boxes replacing traditional elaborate meals.

Personalized meal boxes at weddings

4. Gratitude is the right attitude

One thing that the global pandemic has taught us is gratitude; in abundance. This outlook will carry on towards a lot of things and manifest in the simplest of things. With that, a major trend in weddings would be couples celebrating the spirit of giving back. Besides, the millennial generation is extremely conscious and vocal about causes and something as meaningful as a wedding is the perfect occasion to practice what they preach. Right from pet adoption to supporting LGBTQ+ rights, wedding planners are designing weddings that align with the couples’ values.

Puppy wedding bouquet to encourage adoption

 5. Small is beautiful

With continued restrictions on the number of guests, micro-weddings are here to stay. Couples are now opting for intimate ceremonies with their inner-circle. This comes with the added advantage of paying attention to detail and spending quality time with all their guests.

6. When life throws lemons, make lemonades LIVE

Live-streaming has been one of the biggest highlights of the year and it it expected to stay in 2021. Wedding planners across the globe have been innovating with surprise flash mobs, hybrid weddings, coordinated dress and planned activities to give an interesting twist to the zoom weddings.
With the advent in technology and reduced preference in social gatherings, live streaming promises to be an ideal solution to keep everyone involved. 

Zoom weddings in 2021

7. A Series of Events

With all the restrictions, guidelines and shrinking guest lists, celebrations might not feel the same. But there’s no reason why couples can’t throw separate parties for those who missed it at a later time. To accommodate safety needs and also different circles of friends and family, wedding planners are turning to -Wed-now, Party later.

Couples do not want to wait on tying the knot, they’d rather say their vows in a private ceremony and look forward to a date to party away with family and friends. 

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