12 Most Eagerly Awaited Wedding Trends For 2024

Wedding Trends for 2024
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Get ready to witness the early, impeccably styled arrival of the 2024 Wedding Trends – a breath of fresh air after navigating the challenges of the pandemic, the wedding boom of 2022, and the unpredictable terrain of 2023. The year 2024 is all about embracing love and celebrating joyous moments together. Whether you’re gearing up for your clients’ walk down the aisle or just curious about what’s sizzling in the wedding world, these trends are not only incredibly inspiring but also open to your personal touch. The beauty of these latest wedding trends lies in their interactive nature, making it a breeze for you to infuse your unique flair into the celebration.

Let’s dive into the 12 most eagerly awaited wedding trends that will define the wedding landscape in 2024.

1.Candid Cameras

Wedding photographers in 2024 are leaning into candid portraits, focusing more on capturing candid moments alongside posed pictures. They are arming the guests with disposable and Polaroid cameras so that the couple’s loved ones can snap photos throughout the day. The outcome will be a wide variety of imagery, allowing the couple to relive their wedding day through multiple emotions, lenses, and angles.

2.Experiential Jollies

You might have your DJ on board, but it is never a bad idea to add a few experiential jollies like live painters who can memorialise the couple’s wedding day on a canvas. In 2024, couples are looking forward to hiring sketch artists to blend into the guests and surprise them with portraits of themselves wearing their wedding gowns and suits.

3.Ice Sculpture

Ice sculpture brings out a hint of luxury to your wedding theme. Ice sculpture is always safe to play with, as it can blend into almost any wedding theme and simply amuse the guests. The couple can choose what or who they want to sculpt into the ice. As long as it sentimentalises their wedding, they can always opt for an ice sculpture.

4.Quality Time Before The Wedding

Seeing your significant other before walking down the aisle is not only allowed but embraced! Some couples choose to share a quiet breakfast on the morning of their wedding, stealing moments of quality alone time to set positive intentions for the day ahead. Couples can opt to spend quality time together in multiple ways, such as enjoying a quiet breakfast or getting ready together.

5.Drone Photography

Drones might not be a novel concept, but they remain one of the perennial favourites, gaining increasing popularity each year. Having a variety of visual perspectives for the couple’s special day is undeniably appealing. However, what truly captivates us about drone photography is the unique angles it provides. There is no better way to capture the couple’s vows in an outdoor setup than with a drone. Multiple photographers and videographers now include aerial photography in their packages, acknowledging the candid moments from the breathtaking vantage point above.

6.Drone Show

Just as much as we prefer drone photography, drone shows are equally mesmerising as a whole. They hopped into the trend during 2023 and have taken over as a crucial part of wedding trends in the year 2024.

7.Personalised Cakes

Can we really call it a wedding without a cake? The latest trend in wedding cakes revolves around texture. Whether it’s pleats, lace, or other textured details, there are countless options to customize your sweet masterpiece. Consider stencilled patterns that mirror the couple’s grandmother’s/mother’s wedding or subtle ruffles that echo the design of the couple’s wedding dress. These are minimal yet elegant ways to add a delightful touch to the couple’s special day.

8.Monochromic Flowers

Just like cakes, flowers, and weddings are a match you just can’t resist. The 2024 wedding trend that has us smitten is the use of monochromatic flowers. It’s quite surprising how a single-colour palette, in grand arrangements, manages to make a powerful statement.

9.Sustainable Elegance

In 2024, going green is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle. Sustainable weddings are gaining popularity, featuring eco-friendly decor, plant-based menus, and even carbon-neutral venues, which are becoming the new norm.

10.Celebrity Collaborations

Couples are drawing inspiration from Celebrity Weddings, with some even choosing to collaborate with renowned entertainers, designers, and chefs to infuse a touch of star-studded glamour into their special day.

11.Cultural Fusion Celebrations

Couples are incorporating elements from various cultures into their weddings. Fusion ceremonies, global cuisine, and culturally inspired decor create a rich variety of modernity and traditions.

12.Unforgettable Exits

While we’re not dismissing the charm of sparklers, the 2024 wedding trend that’s got us buzzing is the introduction of cold fireworks and laser shows. Cold fireworks create mesmerising sparks at lower temperatures, ensurin g a safer alternative to their fiery counterparts. Laser shows, customizable to music, serve as a captivating and entertaining grand finale for your guests.


As we eagerly anticipate the wedding trends of 2024, it’s evident that this year brings a blend of innovation, nostalgia, and sustainability to the forefront of celebrations of love. From candid cameras capturing genuine moments to personalized cakes reflecting cherished memories, each trend offers couples the opportunity to craft a wedding day that is uniquely theirs.

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