7 Reasons why you should opt for a destination wedding

destination wedding
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Longing for a bridal entry on the boat or in a palace, like royalty?

You’re not alone! Films give us a thought regarding the reason why destination weddings are so famous.From stunning locations to investing quality energy with your friends and family- there are a ton of reasons to select a Destination wedding. But if you’re still looking for some reasons to have a unique wedding, here are the top 7 points to consider

1. Two for one deal

One of the most engaging components of a destination wedding is the reality it’s a two for one arrangement. While you get a wedding, you likewise get an incredible occasion. Couples might even turn their wedding into their vacation, and once in a while visitors are approached to remain on, making the wedding/holiday an occasion for all to appreciate.

2. Easy Wedding Planning

If you’re opting for a destination wedding in a country that has a language barrier, often wedding planning will be all-inclusive with the venue.Nowadays this trend is also prevalent among smaller venues and hotel chains.This means the venue will take care of the catering,ceremony planning, and music, to ensure you have a stress-free wedding.

3.Endless photo and video opportunities

Marriages at an exotic location with a view make unending shocking wedding photography and videography that your photographic artist will totally revere. The real expertise behind the photography can be insignificant as any snap of these areas makes it certain to dazzle as much as a model shoot.

4. Unique and creative opportunities

Some wedding ceremony opportunities are simply location-dependent. While it is possible to have a Greek ceremony in India for example, think about how special it’d be to have an authentic Greek wedding on a Greek island. Just pick the location that you love, choose the theme, and enjoy it all to the max with the budget in mind.

5. Cost Effective

As destination weddings are becoming more common, so are the resorts that specialize in these kinds of events. In fact, this type of event  has turned into an affordable affair.Your closest friends and family will be more than happy to be a part of your big day, but you should really consider trimming down your guest list, so you don’t put anyone in the position where they are forced to refuse due to financial reasons.

6. Intimate Guest-List

The guest list at a destination wedding can sometimes be a double edged sword. While your list may include quite a few guests, remember it is likely only half will actually shell out the money and time it takes to attend a destination wedding, unless you are the ones providing flights and accommodation.This can be a great thing however, as this allows for a quaint, personal and intimate wedding. The guests that really care about you,will quickly seize the opportunity of a wedding/occasion combo!

7. More Time to Celebrate

With traditional weddings, couples usually spend months planning an event that only lasts a day.  All that stress of dealing with venues, caterers or florists can really interfere with the joy of the moment. Instead opt for a destination wedding resort that offers packages for this type of event. Just try to get to your destination a few days early so you can make sure everything is exactly how you dreamt it would be.

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