Business Continuity Planning for Wedding Planners

Black Swan Crisis
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200+ attendees. 40+ Countries. Invaluable insights!

This describes the webinar on ” Business Continuity Planning for Wedding Planners” in a nutshell.

With an aim to help the wedding planning community navigate the downturns of uncertain times, this was a thoughtfully curated webinar from the EWPC team.

The webinar started with Adam Blackwood, Founder and Creative Director of Private Drama Events speaking on “Best Practices in Employee and Finance Management”
Citing statistics from C and IT, he shed light on how one can identify their position in the crisis cycle. His insights on work from home and finance management were invaluable and highlighted on the need to stay positive and be resilient.

The key take-away from the session was the 10-10-10 rule to make better decisions which is a mindful approach where you consider the long- term consequence of your decision on your business.

The second session was a Fire-side chat between Rachel Dalton, Founder and President of Rachel Dalton and Lauren Grech, CEO, LLG Events.
Lauren put forth her views on the topic, “Navigating through Contracts, cancellations, postponements” and presented important questions to Rachel.
From her profound legal experience, Rachel talked about the best practices in force majeure situations. She shared extensive tips on how the events industry can put together the perfect contract that will protect both parties.

The Q and A session which was then joined by Adam addressed the burning concerns of our global attendees on strategizing for a faster recovery.

This session was followed by David Avrin, CX and Marketing Keynote Speaker, on the topic ” How to win your customer back with Customer Experience”
He spoke about the need for a greater sensitivity from the planners while reaching back to customers. He highlighted on how Customer Experience is what differentiates your business from the competition and further shared actionable tips on working towards it.

Aimee Dunne, Director- Aimee Dunne limited took over to share her insights on ” Smart and Responsible Marketing Strategies”
She spoke about how brands need to be more relatable, honest and human in such times.
She also shared tips on increasing engagement and boosting visibility on social media through a great content strategy.

This session was taken over by Sandydheep Purri, Chief People Officer, Sapphire Foods.
Being a cultural transormational expert with 20+ years of experience, she spoke about “Boosting Employee Morale through Rain and Shine”

She further moderated a Q& A session along with David and Aimee.
Posing valuable questions about the vision and best practices, she lead a valuable exchange of information between the speakers.
The three speakers also addressed the concerns of audience giving them practical insights through their experience.

Overall, the session was received very well by the attendees as they were appreciative of the speakers and the content discussed.
We continue to hope that we emerge out of such times by the power of people, process and perseverance.


1) Many thanks for the organization. It was a big honor to be a part of this conference.
I am looking forward to staying in contact with you and wish you all the best!


2) It was very informative. Looking forward to more webinars.
God bless you all .

Magnolia, Nairobi

3) It was great and very informative. I am blessed and will definitely apply this in my business.
Here in Zimbabwe, the economy is bad but that will not be an excuse for me but to build a better brand for me and with that be recognized international.

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