How Destination Wedding is Driving Business Value

Driving Business Value
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Marriage is a momentous occasion that every couple wants to cherish for eternity. Destination weddings, a growing trend among new-age couples, are becoming the choice of the season. It is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry and a great opportunity for wedding planners to increase their revenue stream and increase contracts.

Change in trends

The wedding planning business was initially a new concept aimed at the wealthy, but with a growth spurt in the spending capacity and the want of a hassle -free, well organized wedding, a considerable number of people are opting for it. During a destination wedding, wedding planners work with not only the couple, but their friends and family members as well, thus making it a more involving and caring process.

Creating business opportunities

From choosing the most exotic locations with beautiful backdrops to the best in-class catering and designer bespoke outfits for the couple, complimenting the theme of the wedding, millennials are choosing to invest in grand thematic weddings. The whole event not only helps the planners but also provides an opportunity for caterers, travel agencies, makeup and decor artists, photographers and videographers to display their potential. This in turn helps the various types of businesses to work together and increase their customer reach and grow. This is where wedding planners help in providing their professional assistance to make sure the day is special for the newly-weds and their guests.

Market potential

As per a recent study, the global destination wedding industry is projected to grow at a rate of 6% per annum, up till 2028. Weddings are becoming or have become a commodity which provides opportunities for the hosting destination to market itself as a place.

A thriving global wedding market along with the rise in destination weddings has given rise to vast opportunities for wedding planners because such high-end weddings require great attention to detail and only an experienced planner can pull this off successfully. The planners  always tend to add their own touch and personalization, reflecting the bride and the groom’s style, to enhance the experience while you sit back, errand-free and prepare yourself for the big day.


As the Wedding Planning Industry is on the rise, it brings about more diverse competition in the market and provides the options of your choice and opportunities for small and big businesses to thrive together in their own specializations. Newly engaged couples can reap benefit from the competitiveness of the wedding planning industry to make the best possible additions to make their memorable day even more special.

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