How Wedding Trends Are Changing In 2022

Wedding Trends Are Changing
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From intimate gatherings to open-air spaces, the pandemic has led to a host of changes in the way weddings are organized. They have led to the Gen-Z getting exactly what they admired from the start; more inclusive, intimate yet very classy. From sustainable practices to small gatherings, from no-touch menus to immunity boosting platters, here are some of the trends we can expect in the upcoming wedding season of 2022.

Small is beautiful

Despite the decreasing number of cases and a rise in vaccination numbers, large gatherings might just be a thing of the past. The trend of restricting the guest list of weddings to close friends and family is likely to continue this year as well. However the budget has increased thus leading to more curated and personal guest-experiences.


The pandemic has forced us to care for others and evaluate what damage we have caused to our environment as a whole. This practice is being adopted by wedding couples who are looking to minimize waste and be as eco-friendly as possible. From reducing the use of plastic to avoid over-ordering of food, couples are finding multiple ways to go green. In addition to these, couples can also opt for e-invites, a digital menu and re-usable decorations to cut down on waste.

Destination/Weekend weddings

Destination weddings have become extremely popular over the past several years. An interesting trend related to destination weddings is weekend weddings – weddings taking place over the weekends around the vicinity. The biggest driving factor is the imposed travel restrictions and safety precautions. Due to this trend, tourist locations that fall in the proximity of large cities are gaining traction. The location you choose is not just about the sights but also about the services available in that place to add a local touch.

Open spaces

There’s no doubt that the wedding and hospitality industries have been irrevocably transformed because of the pandemic.While most hotel chains are following Covid protocols and getting their staff vaccinated, they are also rethinking the layout of wedding venues. Most couples are now preferring to opt for open weddings in gardens, balconies and large terraces with protocols of social distancing in place. This wedding season, it is advisable to opt for lush open-air weddings, decorated with socially distanced cabanas and canopies to ensure maximum safety.

Specialized catering services

A show-stopper wedding menu is a one-way ticket to ensure success. However, hotel chains are witnessing a demand for healthy food instead of simple, tasty food. Cold and warm welcome drinks are being replaced with soul-warming soups, fresh vegetables, and super-foods. Caterers have started using sauteed broccoli, bell peppers, barley grains and corn to prepare salads as well as a lot of roots, spices and herbs while cooking. They also have the options to order food on a plate-to-plate basis to help minimize the wastage.

The pandemic has taught us weddings aren’t all about social obligations anymore. Weddings bring out the festivities with all the loved ones coming together, where couples can explore many different options and trends which keep evolving as the years pass and bring new aspects to it.

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