10 Best Wedding Destinations in India

Beautiful Wedding Destinations
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In India, a wedding is not only between two individuals but also of their families and in some cases, cultures too.  The country is home to several destinations where you can plan your dream wedding in the most luxurious way.  It’s your choice completely but it is really important that you choose the right wedding planner and setting for organizing this special day of your life. 

 Here are the top 10 Wedding Destinations in India

1. Goa

It is the most gorgeous destination in India for any couple wanting to get hitched. Individuals rush to Goa’s shores to make their wedding event treasured until the end of time. Amidst the magical backdrop of the golden beaches, the place offers a variety of ways to arrange a memorable wedding here.

2. Udaipur

There are several reasons that make Udaipur an obvious destination for a wedding in India. The most primary one is its royal setting. Recognized as the city of lakes and palaces, it is one of the dreamiest and fascinating places in India that makes your wedding simply out of this world. A lot of allure comes to this city from its royal architecture.

3. Jaipur

Wedding Destinations in India

The “pink city” of Jaipur is an ultimate destination for those who want to get married amidst sheer royalty. The city ranges from genuine resplendent castles to dazzling old mansions. For people seeking less expensive options, Jaipur is the place to get hitched.

4. Jodhpur

The city is home to a number of graceful palaces, magnificent forts and breathtaking temples and offers a picture-perfect and awe-inspiring setting for a royal wedding. The historical splendor, delicate art-crafts and folk music make the atmosphere of the city actually romantic and vivacious. For your destination wedding in India, it is an ideal place to get married in a royal way.

5. Kerala

This ultimate serene and charming destination holds an appeal for being a perfect wedding venue. The charming climate of the state makes it perhaps the best spot for destination weddings in India.

6. Rishikesh

The magnificence of Rishikesh is depicted by spirituality and harmony. To make your wedding unique and ethnic, it is an ideal picturesque destination. Vedic hymns and swearing of your lifetime togetherness can turn this place into a sacred heaven.

7. Bikaner

Preserving medieval magnificence as the hallmark of the city, Bikaner brings numerous great opportunities to enjoy the royal wedding in India.  There are several gorgeous architectures in Bikaner to suit your  perfect destination wedding.

8. Amritsar

The beautiful city of Amritsar is one of the top wedding destinations in India for people seeking to have a temple wedding. When tradition meets trends, it creates a beautiful fusion of peace and happiness. Along with devotion, you also add the lip-smacking Punjabi tadka to your wedding.

9. Jaisalmer

Get heartfelt with the uniqueness and regal magnificence of the city and plan a wonderful wedding in the Golden City of India. Jaisalmer is an optimal wedding destination with lots of fortresses and royal residences. Full of luxuriously built mansions, the city creates a beautiful world of golden fantasy in India for a memorable wedding.

10. Agra

Your wedding can be nowhere more beautiful than Agra – a place that is known for being home to the monument of love. Taj Mahal portrays an evergreen impression of affection. Alongside the rich Mughal culture, it offers a perfect climate generally around your wedding. Under the dark blanket of twinkling stars at night and with an array of Mughal cuisines, your day becomes a wonderful experience.

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