Key Factors to Consider While Choosing a Wedding Theme.

Wedding Theme
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Your wedding theme is the perfect opportunity to make your special day a true reflection of you and your partner’s style. When choosing your theme, take time to think about how you’ll want to recollect that day. It will set the tone and the mood at your wedding. It will be the definitive guide as you choose the design for your invitations, table settings, flowers, souvenirs, etc. It will help you adhere to a cohesive aesthetic, as well as guide you towards a certain ambiance you want to create at your wedding.It’s important to choose a wedding theme that you love, but you should also consider how well the theme will age. That’s why it’s essential to go for a theme that speaks to you and  represents you and your partner, regardless of what other people think or the Wedding Planners are recommending at the time.

Things to consider while choosing a wedding theme


Your venue can play a defining role in your wedding’s theme, so pick one that complements rather than clashes with it. Always keep your budget in mind. Since the venue represents a significant portion of your costs, you might need to plan your theme around what you can create within that space.

2.Color Theme

You’ll want to identify what colors both you and your partner love to wear, or feel most comfortable in, and work with that. Typically, these colors are opposite of each other. Some come in cool and warm colors and will work in harmony when mixed. You can consider pairing a bright and neutral color.

3.Let the season inspire you

The time of year may not seem relevant to the theme, but it is an important consideration to take into account. For instance, a beach-themed wedding might not hold true to form if there is snow on the ground. Similarly, a black-tie affair might lose its charm during those sweaty summer months, especially if it is held outdoors.


Despite the norm, and people’s expectations, you don’t need to follow certain trends if your budget doesn’t allow it. If you’re going to be broke right after your wedding day because of expensive preparations, then that’s not a healthy start to your marriage.

5.Go Personal vs Trendy

When it comes to your wedding, there is so much inspiration and content out there that it can be easy to get confused or caught up in the trendiness of it all. Adding personal touches to your wedding will make it a reflection of you instead of a generic Pinterest-fest.

A big part of figuring out what wedding theme will be right for you and your partner is getting a little help from inspiration drawn by the internet,magazines and the current trends along with a personal touch.

From a beach/tropical theme all the way to a minimalist/rustic theme the options can be explored by you both as a couple. Choose a theme that both of you would adore, something that would bring out your characters or your common interests and would make your hearts smile when you look back at it on your wedding anniversary down the line.

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