The biggest challenges faced by wedding planners today

Challenges Faced by Wedding Planners
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The business of planning weddings is a serious one, therefore, it requires utmost devotion and skill. Wedding planners have to overhaul their abilities and know the most recent patterns
and strategies to create enviable packages for clients. While the theory sounds doable, there are plenty of practical aspects of executing a wedding that can be challenging.
Here are the top 6 challenges faced by Wedding Planners

1. Cut-throat competition in the industry

Planning weddings is a competitive business. People end up spending close to 30% of their life’s savings on weddings. New competitors often provide tempting packages to attract customers. While facing such competition, there is a likelihood of over-commitment with unrealistic costs. The best way to tackle competition is staying firm on your pricing structure and focusing whole heartedly on delivering the best possible service.

2. Unpredictable Variables

Weddings are full of surprises even if you have done everything to plan it all. There are certain unpredictable factors like nature and technical glitches. Always have an alternative plan ready to deal with unpredictable situations. Keep your clients informed about the weather forecast. In the event that required, draw up a rundown of factors outside of your reach and draft a disclaimer.

3. Avoiding Bad Vendors

Some vendors are not as professional as they originally seem.The various types of vendors in the wedding industry lack uniform standards. Administration and quality is difficult to evaluate and there is practically zero guideline. If a vendor is acting unprofessionally after you’ve booked them, have a firm conversation about expectations and take action if required. You want to be careful who you refer to in the first place. Most of the customers will place a lot of trust in referrals.

4. Pleasing Them All

A good wedding planner takes orders while a truly great wedding planner listens to everything that everyone has to say.Sincerity can raise assumptions and increase demands. It is a smart idea to separate a genuine interest from a simple impulse. Converse with the couple on the practical parts of satisfying everybody’s requests. Wedding planners need to have clear communication with whoever the final decision maker is to ensure nothing is missed.

5. Managing Time while Delivering the Best

The tall talks and great promises are put to test when the wedding arrives. Dealing with the accessibility and decoration of the venue is a crucial aspect. Frequently, venues have back to back weddings and the wedding planning agency gets access to the venue much later than desired. The safest way to deal with this problem is practice execution in as little time as possible. Preparing for a massive time-crunch and leaving some room for review and refurbishing is extremely important.

6. Last Minute Demands

A wedding is incomplete without surprises and not all can be pleasant. Generally there will be last-minute requests from clients and their family members about stylistic layout, providing food, music and lighting courses of action. Be prepared to face every such interest.Make a checklist of possible surprises and a quick method to resolve the same.

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